Curriculum Vitae

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2018-pr.Research engineer - CEA Tech, FR
2016-17Post-doc researcher - INRIA Rennes, FR
2015-18Independent researcher/consultant - FR
2013-14Post-doc researcher - CSU Chico, CA, USA
2013Scientific consultant - CSU Chico, CA, USA
2009-12PhD student - INRIA Rennes, FR

2018 – pr.  Research engineer

CEA Tech, Nantes, France.
R&D and technology transfer towards industrial application. Computer vision, signal processing, machine learning…

2015 – 2018  Independent researcher/consultant

Self-employed, France.
Providing scientific consulting on image processing, motion estimation, lidar data analysis… SIRET #81234779700019.

See also the project page.

2016 – 2017  Post doctoral researcher

Inria Rennes, Rennes, France.
Within the Fluminance team, this post-doc position involved the study and implementation of large scale oceanic models built upon the location uncertainty paradigm (stochastic parametrization). On the side, I continued to study fluid motion estimation in various contexts.

See the "Large-scale oceanic models" and (motion estimation) "Hydrothermal vents", "Shore currents" projects.

  • Study and implementation of various noise models for the "Surface quasi-geostrophic model under location uncertainty" (SQGMU).
  • Modifications in the NEMO ocean engine.
  • Design and implementation of stochastic "Lorenz model under location uncertainty".
  • Video-based fluid motion estimation for sea surface currents and hydrothermal vents.
  • Technologies: Python, Fortran and Matlab; Docker.

2013 – 2014 Post doctoral researcher

California State University Chico (CSU), Chico, CA, USA.
In the Atmospheric Lidar Group, under the supervision of Dr Shane Mayor. Real-time estimation of two-component wind fields from lidar aerosol backscatter data.

See also the project page.

  • Development of a GPU-accelerated (CUDA, C++) version of the motion estimation software (Typhoon) created during my PhD.
  • Design and development of numerical framework (Python, CUDA, MySQL,PhP) to handle real-time data acquisition/processing for the Chico experiment, as well as web-based visualization tools.
  • Deployment, configuration and management of a Stream Line Doppler lidar from HALO Photonics.
  • Data analysis, scientific writing.
  • Supervision of a part-time developer, co-advising of M. Hamada's master thesis, supervision of a few undergrad students.

07–12 2013 Scientific consultant

California State University Chico (CSU), Chico, CA, USA.
Feasibility study for Spectral Sensor Solutions (S3): potential of the SAMPLE aerosol lidar for dense 2D, 2-component wind motion estimation in real time.

See the project page.

  • Integration of Typhoon (wavelet-based optical flow) and Gale (cross-correlation) software.
  • Design and development of a signal processing framework (Python) adapted to the SAMPLE data (aerosol plume automatic detection, ...).
  • Analyzed and validated wind fields from both algorithms.

2009 – 2012 PhD student

Inria Rennes, Rennes, France.
Within the Fluminance team, under the supervision of Etienne Mémin and Patrick Héas. Creation of a wavelet-based motion estimation algorithm and its implementation (Typhoon)

See the project page.

  • Design and development of a wavelet-based motion estimator (Typhoon) dedicated to turbulent flow configurations (C++).
    Analysis of fluid motion video sequences for testing and validation of Typhoon.
  • Restructuration of older software components into shared libraries for the team (C, C++).
  • Set up and maintenance of the SVN version control for the team.



2012PhD, Applied Maths - University Rennes I, FR
2009Master, Applied Maths (engineering) - INSA Toulouse, FR
2009Master, Applied Maths (research) - IMT Toulouse, FR

2009 – 2012 PhD, Applied Mathematics

MATISSE doctoral school, University Rennes I, France.

  • Specialization in image processing and motion estimation (computer vision).
  • Teaching assistant at INSA Rennes, France (national institute for applied sciences): Analysis (1st year) and Optimization (4th year).
  • Visiting scholar at the Faculty of Engineering UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010, 2 months), under the supervision of Guillermo Artana and Pablo Menini. Application of motion estimation methods to Schlieren fluid flow visualizations.

2004 – 2009 Master (engineering), Applied Mathematics

INSA Toulouse (national institute for applied sciences), France.

  • Department of Mathematical & Modeling Engineering, specialization in Numerical Methods and Physics Modeling.
  • 5th Year Final Project & Master Internship at IMFT, Toulouse, France (Institute of Fluid Mechanics, group EMT2). Five months, under the supervision of Marianna Brazza. "Physical analysis and numerical simulation of the buffeting around an aircraft wing at transonic speed".
  • 4th Year Internship at University of Montréal, Montréal, Canada. Laboratory of Optimization and Simulation, three months under the supervision of Fabian Bastin. Development of AMLET software.
  • International course ASINSA (mixed Asian/French group).

2009 Master (research), Applied Mathematics

Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse (IMT), Toulouse, France.

  • Specialization in Numerical Mathematics.
  • Joint year with 5th year of engineering (double Master).



Computer vision, Image processing.
Data analysis & visualization, scientific writing.
Modeling, simulation, high performance scientific computing.
Personal interest for Earth Sciences.

Image processing & Numerical maths

  • Specialized in image registration (motion estimation): dense variational methods and sparse correlation techniques, with real-time constraints (GPU acceleration).
  • Creator and lead developer of Typhoon software: wavelet-based motion estimation for fluid flows (C++, CUDA).
  • Wavelet theory and applications (filtering, compression, …), fast implementations of wavelet transforms.
  • Numerical schemes (finite differences, finite volumes), optimization (l-BFGS).

Computer sciences & Software

  • Languages: Python (advanced); C/C++, CUDA, FORTRAN, SQL (good command); Java, ADA (notions).
  • Scientific IDE: Numpy/Scipy/Matplotlib, Matlab (advanced); IDL (notions).
  • Libraries: OpenCV, CImg, (cu)BLAS, LAPACK, LBFGS (good command).
  • Image Processing: Photoshop/Gimp, Illustrator/Inkscape (advanced); ImageMagick, ImageJ, x264 (good command).
  • OS: Linux Ubuntu, Mac OS X (advanced), Windows (notions)
  • Dev tools: make, CMake, Git, SVN, shell scripting, Docker (good command), code profiling, task automatization and batch processing.
  • Web: HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript (notions).


  • Deployed and operated a Stream Line Doppler lidar unit by HALO Photonics (UK).
  • Helped set up remote network access for field campaign (4G modem, data routing, stream decoding).
  • GPU: dev on NVIDIA GeForce Titan and K20.


  • French Mother tongue
  • English Professional competence
    2 years in California (2013-14), 945/990 at TOEIC (2007).
  • Spanish Intermediate



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